Scientific and practical peer-reviewed journal
ISSN 1819-9496 (Print) | ISSN 2500-0136 (Online)
Chief Editor
Protopopov Aleksey Vladimirovich

ректор Красноярского государственного
медицинского университета
имени профессора В.Ф. Войно-Ясенецкого


April 13 2021 Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) adopted the decision to include 'Siberian Medical Review' into the Scopus database

The journal ''Siberian Medical Review'' was published for the first time in 1918, and in 2001 it was revitalized. It is the official journal of Krasnoyarsk state medical University named after Professor V. F. Voino-Yasenetsky. Since 2007 the journal has been among the peer-reviewed scientific serials reflecting the results of interdisciplinary research focused on the development of advanced medical technologies.

The journal draws contributions from a wide community of professionals and researchers in various fields of medicine. These сontributions are expected to develop a wide discourse in medical research on actual problems of molecular and translational medicine, neuroscience, medical genetics, new diagnostic methods, pharmacotherapy of diseases and rehabilitation medicine.

The journal is interested in papers that have scientific novelty and present the results of clinical trials, experiments and scientific developments.

The journal has the following sections:

  • Scientific review
  • Original research
  • Clinical case study
  • Lectures
  • Management and health economics
  • The anniversary dates
  • Conference proceedings

The journal accepts articles in the following scientific specialties: (as of 02/01/2022)

  • 3.1.4. - Obstetrics and gynecology (medical sciences),
  • 3.1.9. - Surgery (medical sciences),
  • 3.1.18. - Internal medicine (medical sciences),
  • 3.1.20. - Cardiology (medical sciences),
  • 3.1.21. - Pediatrics (medical sciences),
  • 3.1.24. - Nervous diseases (medical sciences),
  • 3.1.26. - Phthisiology (medical sciences),
  • 3.1.27. - Rheumatology (medical sciences),
  • 3.1.29. - Pulmonology (medical sciences),
  • 3.1.32. - Nephrology (medical sciences),
  • 14.03.09 - Clinical immunology, allergology (medical sciences)

Goals and objectives

The main goal of Siberian Medical Review is periodical scientific publications in the field of clinical and fundamental medicine, which present original research results of domestic and foreign authors, modern clinical recommendations, new medical technologies, reviews, interesting cases from practice and lectures of high scientific and clinical significance in various fields of medicine, including current problems of Siberian Federal District, ensuring international priority of scientific work among practical doctors, scientists, teachers, post graduate and doctoral students of Siberian Federal District, as well as their integration into international information space.

The main criterion for publications’ consideration is their correspondence with modern standards of evidence-based medicine and reflection of current medical scientific problems.

The journal publishes information concerning modern methods of treatment and diagnostics with the help of the latest medical technologies, that allows practical doctors to get acquainted with the latest achievements in the field of medicine.

The objectives of Siberian Medical Review are:

  • exchange of experience and opinions among the researchers from different parts of the Russian Federation, near and far foreign countries;
  • publication of unique clinical observation reports aimed to improve clinical thinking of a practitioner;
  • improvement of scientific knowledge among specialists in the field of biology and medicine, concerning the problems of diseases’ etiolation and pathogenesis;
  • acknowledgement with new promising technologies of diagnostics, treatment and prevention;
  • improvement of knowledge in the field of healthcare organization;
  • informing medical community about the latest achievements and prospects for the development of domestic and foreign medical science and public healthcare;
  • full-scale assistance increasing the effectiveness of introducing scientific research results into healthcare practice;
  • increasing the weight and influence of Russian medical community and Russian scientific achievements in global medical community improving the quality of published materials and their way of presentation, their better accessibility at the world level.

''Siberian Medical Review'' is an open access journal (Open Access), because the editorial Board is convinced that availability of scientific medical information facilitates the exchange of the latest scientific knowledge. The journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index.


The archives of all the issues since 2001 are accessible on the Russian eLIBRARY portal.

Impact factor according to the RSCI:

  • two-year impact factor 0,506,
  • 5-year impact factor – 0,455

The University is a member of PILA (International Association of Publishing citation) since 2015.

''Siberian Medical Review'' is included in the CrossRef system (International Register of scientific and informational materials).

A DOI (digital object identifier) is assigned for articles published in the journal.

The journal DOI is 10.20333/2500-0136.

In accordance with the Federal Law ''On Obligatory Copy'' No 77-FZ dated 23.11.1994 (art. 7, clause 2), a total of 16 copies of each new issue are sent to the ITAR-TASS news agency for the purpose of further distribution of publications between the largest library-information organizations of the Russian Federation.

The journal is included in Electronic Library System ''Lan'' (ELS "Lan").

Journal articles can be accessed through KiberLeninka (KiberLeninka) and Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information VINITY (VINITY).

The Journal ISSN is № 1819-94-96 (Print), 2500-0136 (Online).

The printed journal is registered by the RF Ministry for Press, Broadcasting and Mass Communications PI number 77-12037 dated 11.03.2002.

The journal is published 6 times per year. Its subscription index in the catalog Press of Russia («Press of Russia») is И41043.

The title of the journal in English is ''Siberian medical review'', abbreviated as – Sib. med. review (Siberian med. rev).

The main language is Russian. The manuscript title, data about the authors, address, summary, key words and references are presented in English.

Editor in Chief - Protopopov Aleksey Vladimirovich , MD, Rector of Krasnoyarsk State Medical University named after Professor V.F. Voino-Yasenetsky.